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Legal Document Management: Litigation Support Services in San Antonio & McAllen


DSA Business Services has over 13 years of experience assisting Litigation Law Firms during a case’s discovery phase and in the courtroom.  The labor and the time it takes to manage the ever growing volume of documents and electronic data for each case is significant. DSA Business Services has the staff, equipment, and document management tools to ensure nothing is missed.

What do you do when you want all the documents related to a certain case collected, organized, scanned into searchable documents and identified? Do you find different people handling the case and ask them to curate it all? With DSA Business Service you can ease your case stress with our document management services.  You focus on your case, and we will make sure you have all the information you need, in the format you prefer, when you need it.  We know there is no tolerance for missing court deadlines, so we are available 24/7, even during holidays to make sure the project is completed when you need it.   We offer litigation support services in both San Antonio and McAllen, Texas.​

Secure and Accurate Litigation Support Services in San Antonio & McAllen, Texas

Our efficient staff helps significantly reduce the overall time it takes to copy, re-file, and locate all the relevant document all in one legal library. From hard copy of data to the e-files, we can handle all different formats efficiently. Our litigation support service in San Antonio and McAllen can help you with all the tasks inclusive of recognition, classification, as well as e-discovery.

Litigation Support in San Antonio &McAllen, Texas: Legal Document Conversion, Scanning, Indexing and More

DSA Business Services has handled the task of organizing documents and files for Litigation cases for both very large and small firms.  This experience across so many firms allow us to apply best practices to efficiently organize case documents including oversize drawings.  Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Document Scanning & Copies

  • Blowbacks

  • CD/DVD Duplication

  • Document Binding & Reproductions

  • Electronic Data Discovery (EDD)

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Oversized Document Scanning & Copies

  • Computer and Cell Phone Forensics


No matter what your requirements of service are, our team handling litigation support in San Antonio & McAllen, Texas can help you complete the project accurately and on-time.

Benefits of Document Management & Litigation Support

When you have the right litigation support service you manage the overall workflow with ease:

  • Eliminate the trouble of duplicate files and copying costs – Document management system software for litigation service in San Antonio and McAllen eliminated duplicate copies thus reducing the amount of data and the cost to manage that date.

  • Visibility of the overall tasks being handled by the firm is clear Digitization offers you the ability to watch over the whole firm without asking them to share their work.

  • Improve productivity and saving space inside your office– You are free from the hassle of storing boxes of documents and files that are inevitable when handling litigation cases . DSA Business Services Litigation support will free up your mind and your office space.

  • Data is secured and managed better – Legal documents hold important and confidential information that you want to keep secure. The litigation support service in San Antonio & McAllen, Texas by DSA Business Services ensures that all the documents are encrypted and password protected.

Get Hassle-Free Quotes on Litigation Support Services in San Antonio and McAllen, Texas

DSA Business Services helps streamline the management of case documents and files. Integrity, Quality, and attention to the details are critical when it comes to managing case data. We are an experienced document management service provider offering the chance to connect with easy to manage system which allows you to manage all the documents in PDF format, stand alone, or in case management enterprise systems.

For a quote on your case project, you can contact us at (956) 322-8086, for service around McAllen and at  (210) 852-0534 for services around San Antonio.

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